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Where is Healing Come From?​


Healing comes from within; No one can heal or grow back a paper cut except the body.  Healing takes thousands of steps processes at cellular level that only the coordination between the brain and the body can do. When the body or the condition doesn't heal properly, there may be a disruption in communication between the brain and the body.  The brain and the body communicate with each other by sending signals through the spinal cord.  The spinal cord is housed inside the back bone called the spine.  The spinal bone may be misaligned from trauma or poor posture.  When a spinal bone is misaligned and interfere with the transmission of the vital messages, this is called  a spinal subluxation.  The medical's approach is to treat or mask the symptoms but does not correct the spinal subluxation.  Chiropractic's solution is to correct the spinal subluxation in an  attempt to restore communication.  Once the communication is restored, the brain and the body can coordinate and regulate the healing mechanism that exist in every individual.​

A subluxation interfering with the transmission of health maintaining nerve impulses from your central nervous system to your cells, tissues, organs, glands and/or muscles.



We provide spinal corrective care using an instrument to gently realign the spine without cracking or popping.  We take 3 dimensional x-rays to pin point the misalignment and use a highly sophisticated computer program to calculate a blue-print of how to correct the misalignment to the slightest degree.  The result is phenomenal with high accuracy and consistency visit by visit.   This similar procedure was featured and popularized on TV Show.



To my surprise, the chiropractic treatment not only relieved my back and hip pain, but also cleared my sinus (which my Ear-Nose-Throat Specialist has been unable to do for the past two years) and helped alleviate my bladder problem."  - Aaron H.

​"At the end, the scans showed vast improvement in all of my problem areas. My pain greatly reduced, and the range of motion in my neck increased." - Jenny W.

​"I had pain and numbness down my arms after many years of computer usage. My neck and shoulders muscles were very tight and uncomfortable...Since the nerve controls my muscles in my neck, shoulders and jaw, nerve tension would make these muscles tensed up and painful. After Dr. Diep restored my neck back to normal position to relieve nerve tension, everything go back to normal again.  I am very happy with the results and had referred eight of my friends and family." - Maggie C.

Dr. Dan Diep shared chiropractic stories on Hong Kong Channel

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