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Testimonial 1


I initially came in to receive chiropractic treatment for my back and hip pain. To my surprise, the chiropractic treatment not only relieved my back and hip pain, but also cleared my sinus (which my Ear-Nose-Throat Specialist has been unable to do for the past two years) and helped alleviate my bladder problem. In just a couple of weeks of being treated, I feel GREAT. I could run longer distances than before and not feel pain and not feel fatigue from my sinus congestion. Chiropractic treatment definitely has many benefits to your overall health. I highly recommend Dr. Diep. He is personable and friendly. Dr. Diep truly cares about his patients' health and takes good care of them. - Aaron H.

Testimonial 2


I went to see Dr. Diep late 2008 when my back neck muscles ached so bad I was ready to stick a needle in it. I was also limited in how far I could bend my head to look down without feeling uncomfortable. I was surprised at how thorough his methods were (I hadn't been to a chiropractic office where they required a full spine x-ray and a thermal?? scan of your entire back) The results showed off the chart inflammation in my neck and in several locations in my lower back. Dr. Diep also explained very clearly with the xrays where my problem areas were in my spine. I saw him consistently for about 30 sessions (at first 2-3 times a week, then gradually 1 time a week) At the end, the scans showed vast improvement in all of my problem areas. My pain greatly reduced, and the range of motion in my neck increased. Dr. Diep keeps long hours, and is dedicated in helping his patients. - Jenny W.

Testimonial 3


I had pain and numbness down my arms after many years of computer usage. My neck and shoulders muscles were very tight and uncomfortable. Conventional medical doctors recommended muscle relaxants, pain medication, and surgery. I also had tried massage therapy and acupuncture but only relieved pain temporary. I was referred to see Dr. Diep from my mother who's a patient of his, and I saw her walking better with treatment from Dr. Diep after many years of suffering from low back pain and sciatica. After a week of chiropractic care, I was able to drive, and within a month, the pain was gone. Amazingly, Dr. Diep fixed my TMJ when my dentist didnt even diagnose it. And, my neck and shoulers muscles are totally relaxed. I learned from Dr. Diep that I developed a forward head posture (FHP) after many years of slumping forward in front of the computer. With the FHP, my nerve are over stretched and over active. Since the nerve controls my muscles in my neck, shoulders and jaw, nerve tension would make these muscles tensed up and painful. After Dr. Diep restored my neck back to normal position to relieve nerve tension, everything go back to normal again. I am very happy with the results and had referred eight of my friends and family to see him, and they reported good results with him also. - Maggie C.

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