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How to Detect Traumatic Brain Injury?

How to detect mTBI with newly FDA approved Brain Functional Test EEG/ERG?

When your head whips back and forth in an auto accident, or if your head strikes something inside your car, your brain can be impacted. This impact to the brain, called a “traumatic brain injury” (TBI) can cause long-term damage to brain function. These injuries are insidious, as they are not always obvious right away. Months later, the injured person or his family may notice that he or she is becoming forgetful, or is undergoing a personality change, often becoming less patient or even extremely irritated or angry, when that was not their normal state previously. Anyone who has suffered a concussion, or been knocked unconscious, or has had headaches after a motor vehicle collision should watch carefully for the signs of TBI, and seek a neurological consultation if TBI is suspected. Take a traumatic brain injury questionaire to determine if you may have a TBI.

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